Catch A Falling Star Services

The most successful Employee/Members Assistance programs consist of those whose management staff, employee (union) representatives and employees fully understand and promote the utilization of all services provided. Therefore, the need to orientate on each organizational level becomes apparent.

Manager, Employer Representative Training

Introduction of program specifics will be reviewed, aimed at helping supervisors and employee representatives recognize and better understand problems on the job and how to utilize the EAP effectively. Problem employee identification is essential as early detection of behavioral manifestations can avoid costly deterioration of employee work performance. Supervisor’s constant contact with officers can provide a vital link to the success of an EAP. Areas covered in orientation include:

How and when to refer to the EAP
The importance of documentation
Signs and symptoms of problems
The importance of confidentiality
Voluntary Vs supervisory referral
Incorporation of disciplinary action
Topics/questions of concern, etc.