Peer Support

“I highly recommend peer support in law enforcement. Peer Support systems within departments can lead the way to reducing stress and psychological trauma among law enforcement officers. Officers in distress more easily confide in peer support officers than in outside sources, often to the extent of saving their careers and sometimes their lives.”
-John M. Violanti, PhD.

Associate Professor and retired police officer;
Author of Police Trauma and Police Suicide; Epidemic

Peer Officer Support Program
The Peer Officer Support Program consists of law enforcement officers both active and retired who have been trained and certified to function as Peer Support Team Members. They have successfully completed and demonstrate proficiency in the areas such as CISM Response; critical incident stress defusing and debriefing, group dynamics, individual and family crisis, mass disasters, counter-terrorism issues, one-on-one support, educational programs, self-help support groups, and referrals to professional resources if necessary. Peer Support Team Members are NOT counselors and do NOT make psychological assessments.

All Peer Support Team Members volunteer their time and services while adhering to the strictest of confidence. Peer Team Members are located across the state, Canada and nationwide to provide Peer Support. The Program is independent and not connected to any specific law enforcement agency or organization. The Peer Officer Support Program extends to the officer’s immediate family members as well.

If you would like to be added to our list of providers, please contact Ms. Goss for more information. It is our hope to develop a list of Peer Support Officers and CISM Teams available in every state. Based on the officer’s consent we will list their name, contact information and area of expertise if appropriate. Peer Officer Support Team Members or CISM Teams.