In Memory Of

John F. Mc Ardle

Emergency Response Commander

342 Pudding Street
Kent Lakes, New York 10512
mobile 845 656-6999
[email protected]

John began his law enforcement career in 1978 with New York State Corrections as a Corrections Officer at Greenhaven Correctional (maximum A security facility). While at Greenhaven he became a member of the Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT). That unit responded to all types of emergencies within the confines of Correctional Facilities around the state of New York In 1980 John left Corrections to become a New York State Court Officer in Nassau County NY District Court. After serving in the court system for approximately one year John returned to corrections as a NYC Corrections Officer on Rikers Island.
In 1982 he was appointed to the New York City Police Department. He graduated in the top 10% of 3300 recruits at the Police Academy and was assigned to the 44th precinct in the Bronx . In 1983 John was assigned to the Bronx Task Force where he was trained in disorder control. He was promoted in 1985 to Sergeant and assigned to the 28th precinct in Harlem . In 1986 John was reassigned to Operation Pressure Point, which targeted high drug traffic locations and subjects.
In 1987 John was assigned to the Emergency Service Unit (ESU) Specialized Training School as a supervisor. John has been trained as a Dignitary Protection and Security Specialist, Emergency Psychology Technician, Hostage Negotiator, EMT, Certified First Responder, and Hazardous Materials Technician. He has received training from FEMA for Planning and Emergency Management and Task Force Deployment and Readiness. John has been trained by the Department of Justice Center for Domestic Preparedness in the Weapons of Mass Destruction Incident Command, (COBRA), Live Nerve Agent and Emergency Management Response.
 John and responded to all types of emergencies, major incidents and events. These assignments included Dignitary Protection, Hostage Situations, Aircraft Disasters, and Bombings. In March 1993 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned as the Special Operations Lieutenant in the confines of the 44th precinct. After serving 4 months at the 44th precinct he returned to the Emergency Service Unit. Upon his return to ESU he was assigned to the Special Operation Division, Emergency Service Unit as a City-Wide supervisor. He was in charge of Emergency Squad 1 and Emergency Squad 2 in Manhattan.He served in several capacities to include being in charge of the Emergency Service Units Tactical Apprehension Team (A-TEAM), Federal Emergency Management Agency New York Task Force 1 Manager, and as a Citywide Supervisor for the Emergency Service Unit in Special Operations.  As a citywide supervisor and was also tasked as the Unit’s Special Projects Officer and FEMA coordinator. As Special Projects Manager John headed up the research and development for a wide variety of specialized equipment, vehicles, and specialized weapons systems. He was a liaison for less than lethal weapons development by the US ARMY Combat Development Center Fort McClellan, Alabama. In addition, John helped to develop several certified course curriculums for the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training (NCBRT) at Louisiana State University and New York State Department of Homeland Security. They included Disaster Psychology, Critical Incident Stress Management, Response to Suspected WMD Cargo, and Advanced Forensics Investigation of WMD incidents.
 John’s more notable assignments, back in 1993 he was a site supervisor at the World Trade Center Bombing. He served on Police Commissioner Bratton’s Re-engineering Committee and was a Search/Rescue Team Manager at the site of the Oklahoma City Bombing. He was Rescue Manager and Task Force Leader for Hurricane Maryland in the US Virgin Islands 1995. John was a Planning Manager for NYTF 1 for the US Olympics, Atlanta , GA. 1996. In addition, in 1996 John served on Mayor Giuliani’s Task Force that responded to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Hortence devastated that island. He was given the role as the Task Force Operations Manager. In 1998 he was assigned to the Chief of Department Operations Unit as part of the coordinating committee for the Goodwill Games. In 1998 he also responded to the Dominican Republic as a Rescue Manager and Damage Assessment Specialist after a hurricane had hit that Island.
In July of 2001 John started his retirement process with the NYPD. However, on September 11, John returned to service and responded to the World Trade Center Attack and returned to active duty. He was assigned as the On Scene Coordinator for the Emergency Service Unit Search Rescue and Recovery operations at the World Trade Center for the duration of that operation. In December 2001, John was recognized for his outstanding performance and leadership and promoted to Lieutenant Special Assignment.
John is the 90th recipient of the New York City Police Department Honor Legion Medal of Valor. His other awards include the Centurion Foundation Award, NYC Police Foundation Award for Excellence, 6 Commendations from various Police Commissioners, 12 Meritorious Police Duty Awards, 10 Excellent Police Duty Awards and 1 Emergency Medical Service Commendation Award. John received recognition for his commitment to the World Trade Center site at the Spirit of Achievement awards luncheon held the Waldorf Astoria May 7, 2002.   
John was committed to serving the community even after retiring from public service. He has participated in numerous fund-raising events and projects for the improvement of not just his community but other communities as well. Some of these events and projects included fund raising for Cancer and Breast Cancer, Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics, home builds after natural disasters, Disable Veteran home rehabs and builds as well as New Construction for veterans.
 John has served several capacities in volunteer organizations that include, the HEART 9/11 group, National Fraternal Order of Police, New York FOP, Retired Lieutenants Association, and Retired Emergency Men Association (REMA). John was recruited by the HEART9/11 group because of his experience, training, and expertise in the field of Emergency Management. John was also the Project Manager for the Heart911 group that responded in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting in Newtown Connecticut. He assisted Supervisors and first responders in Critical Incident Stress Management and debriefings. John has worked with dedicated groups of first responders that is expert-led, volunteer driven, and nonprofit disaster relief organizations committed to a mission of rebuilding communities and rebuilding lives of individuals coping with disasters and related trauma, including our returning veterans. The men and women of the Newtown Police Department have teamed up with Heart911 and are helping a wounded veterans by assisting in them in refurbishing homes.  Over the last year, officers from the Newtown Police Department have taken time from their busy schedules to lend a helping hand in this project. The group provides disaster relief to communities struck by both natural and man-made catastrophic events in the form of critical incident stress management activities. HEART 9/11 has also partnered with Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at MGH developing a first responder wellness program. HEART 9/11 assisted members from Bridgeport, Newtown, and Danbury, CT Police Departments in that project. That project lasted 18 months.
John a member of Executive Board of the Stephen P. Driscoll Lodge, New York State Fraternal Order of Police, John assisted in the development and implementation of Members Assistance Program called Cops 4 Cops that provided confidential and immediate assistance for FOP members throughout New York State. He has also participated in a bi-national conference to plan, prepare and protect Western New York and Southern Ontario in event of natural or man-made disaster.