Dr. Newton Howard

President & Founder Brain Sciences, MIT, Oxford University, Chairman,  Center for Advanced Defense Studies

“Cindy is a genuine, competent and caring professional who dedicated years of her life to assist the law enforcement community in coping with critical incidents that affect their lives in diverse ways. She is a keen expert in applying stress management skills to relieve those in grave pain by focusing on their progress and self-improvement. With great honor and gratitude I tip my hat to this unique individual who has touched so many people with her vision and expertise.”

Mark C. Johnston, PhD

Federal Bureau of Investigation (Ret.), EAP Program Manager;
Police In-Service Training Program Manager
Tony Canale Public Safety Training Center
Atlantic County, New Jersey

“The quintessential compassionate professional, Ms. Cindy Goss, has been one great asset to the law enforcement community. Early on, she identified a need and unassumingly provided much warranted service and encouragement to many stressed, traumatized and even sometimes forgotten members of law enforcement. I have observed her dedicated service and collaboration, not only with the FBI, but with many, many sister agencies in the interest of serving those in public safety service. The confidence she engenders and the training she provides has been a valued contribution to our community.”

Mathieu Guidere

Professor at the University of Geneva
Senior Fellow at the CADS, Washington, DC

“As professor in strategic studies and Senior fellow at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies (CADS, Washington DC.), I have had the pleasure of knowing Cindy Goss. Through communications over the last two years, I find Cindy to be a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She has successfully organized an important event in Buffalo (NY) and she was also extraordinarily helpful in developing effective training modules for the traumatized. Cindy assumed a leadership role in the Buffalo Conference, managing and motivating other participants, many of whom have taken time to share their comments with me regarding her pleasant and encouraging attitude. It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Cindy without reservation. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any company or organization.”

Denise E. O’Donnell

Former U.S. Attorney, Western District of New York

Cindy Goss is one of the most dedicated and caring professionals I have had the privilege to work with. I have seen first hand the trust and confidence she engenders in the officers and families she has counseled. During times of crisis, Cindy is always there. Cindy has provided valuable training to the law enforcement community in dealing with stress on the job and in responding to critical incidents. As a trainer, she is superb!”

Image by Aaron Heywood

Sean Riley

President and Founder
Safe Call Now

“Cindy Goss is a true “professional” in every sense of the word. I rely on her to keep our first responders and family members safe not only during the treatment process but also in the aftercare portion which is the most important. Her passion always exudes and first responders gravitate towards it as she is a person who really cares about individuals. I always take great satisfaction in working with Cindy as I never have to worry about whether they will be taken care of or not. I always know when I’m working with Cindy I will always have the highest level of care for the people I serve.” 

Karen Bucca Lee

Director of the Philadelphia Fire Department EAP

“How do you put into two sentences about such a strong woman who came into my life and has inspired me as Director of the Philadelphia Fire Department EAP.
Cindy Goss has been a positive inspiration to help so many build resiliency with life’s challenges because as we all know life is going to happen the good, the bad and the sad.
Cindy has shown a way to guide so many including myself with the path of Hope to know you are never alone.Cindy’s gentle but true words are what this world needs more of in many aspects of their life to make a difference. I know Cindy has made a difference in my life and so many others.She is a call away and answers every time. Cindy is always available that is one of the most important and priceless quality that could be the difference between life and death. She has leadership quality with unconditional passion and words to describe her are Loyalty, Honesty, commitment, and unconditional Resiliency.”

John M Fleming

New York City District Attorney’s Office
Detective Investigators Association
(646) 533-1341

“Through her extensive work with the police community Cindy Goss has become an expert in understanding the stress we as police officers deal with on a day to day basis. She can articulate to the officer how that stress affects him or her and those around us. Through her expert knowledge of critical incident management she was able to help us build a successful program designed to identify officers in need and how to deal with exceptional events which occur in public safety settings. We highly recommend Cindy to any law enforcement group.”


Senior Sergeant Tim Paul

Victoria Police, Australia

“While traveling overseas studying Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) in Policing on a Winston Churchill Fellowship, I visited Ms. Goss that was recommended to me by world renowned expert Dr. Roger Solomon because of her wide experience in CISM and Peer Support particularly relevant to Law Enforcement Personnel. An approach different to many other CISM programs was her extension of assistance to the families of law enforcement personnel. Cindy has a flexible and practical approach and she is easy to communicate with and has a passion for assisting officers. I recommend law enforcement personnel from around the world to liaise with Cindy and benefit from the vast experience gained by her as a result of the “Catch A Falling Star” Law Enforcement Assistance Program.”

Dr. Marla Friedman

Chairman of Badge of Life

“Cindy Goss is one of our finest examples of commitment to law enforcement. Her dedication, education, ethics, and empathy can be matched by few. We rely on her expert judgement, warmth and experience when teaching our officers about the absolute importance of mental health and suicide prevention. She gives them the tools they need to stay resilient, focused and get the job done, as well as staying mentally strong, flexible and wise while protecting themselves, their families, the community and collectively our nation. Cindy Goss is at the top of our profession and we embrace her as one of our best. It’s been a privilege and honor to know her and watch her star burn bright..”

Sean Riley

Responder Health

“Cindy Goss is a true “professional” in every sense of the word. I rely on her to keep our first responders and family members safe not only during the treatment process but also in the aftercare portion which is the most important. Her passion always exudes and first responders gravitate towards it as she is a person who really cares about individuals. I always take great satisfaction in working with Cindy as I never have to worry about whether they will be taken care of or not. I always know when I’m working with Cindy I will always have the highest level of care for the people I serve.”

Leo Penny (Retired)

Employee Assistance Coordinator
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
“O” Division, Toronto & London, Ontario

“Having worked with Cindy Goss for seven years and having experienced her expertise in assisting troubled police employees and their families, I heartily recommend her services to any organization or individual who may have the need for such services. Cindy was the most requested back guest speaker from our Peer Officer Support Program.”

Charles B. Wagner

Special Agent, FBI (retired)
FBI Buffalo Training and EAP Coordinator

“When we are troubled, our police are there. When our police are troubled, Cindy Goss is there. I’ve worked with Cindy in the Employee Assistance-Critical Stress Management and Family Assistance arena over the years and have the highest respect for her integrity, dedication and devotion. She is the one who is there to help those who help the rest of the world. A lot of us owe her an awful lot. I highly recommend her for any assistance an organization may need.”

Roger Solomon

ATF Psychologist

“Cindy Goss is a knowledgeable, very experienced, caring professional who has a comprehensive, effective program. She has demonstrated competence and credibility in delivery of services, and has a program that many have modeled. ”


Richard Harcrow

Union President
Attica Prison

“Over the years, we have sent numerous officers to Ms. Goss especially after critical incidents. Ms. Goss has always been competent, knowledgeable and a caring professional who offered the appropriate assistance needed. I remember when one officer I sent to her told me, “Cindy Goss did more for me than the Doctor I spoke to.” I highly recommend her services to any officer who might need her assistance and thank her for all her help on behalf of our officers at Attica Prison.”

The Rev. David Selzer

Buffalo Police Chaplain
Rector, The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
Member International Police Chaplains

“Cindy was instrumental in revitalizing the Police Chaplaincy Program for the Buffalo Police Department. We worked together to develop a manual, establish training, and insure a corps of volunteers who represented the community, training for stress management and disaster debriefing and to initiate a full-service volunteer Police Chaplaincy Program for the Department. Cindy was a personal presence not only to the police officers but to the Chaplains as well, providing needed counseling resources and connections with one another. She was a team builder who worked with many difficult situations for the advantage of the good of the officers and their families.”

Officer Mary Lou Fiala

Training Division
Minneapolis Police Department

“I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Grady Bray and Cindy Goss when we brought them into the Minneapolis Police Department to present their specialized stress program called Comprehensive Programming For Law Enforcement Stress(CPLES).

In my opinion their program is priceless and believe that both their sincerity and compassion in facilitating this unique program makes it one of the best!”

Sheriff Thomas A. Beilein

Niagara County, New York

“It has long been recognized that the law enforcement profession is one, if not, the most stressful professions. The unique and ever changing challenges that face our profession daily cause a variety or problems that affect not only the physical and emotional health of the officers involved but also their families. Having recognized this, the Niagara County Sheriff’s Department enlisted the assistance of Ms. Goss and her unique program to aid our “family” in dealing with the many problems that these stresses can cause. We are proud and appreciative of our association with Catch A Falling Star and the many ways it has helped our “family” for the last five years.”

Frank Vollmer

Vietnam Veterans of America
Chapter 77

“On behalf of Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 77, and the 105th Military Police Family Support Group, we extend our appreciation for all of your volunteer services in providing assistance to our members and their families. Your understanding of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome/Disorder (PTSD) has helped several of our Vietnam members in the past and is now providing a similar benefit to veterans of our more recent involvement in Desert Storm, Bosnia and the terrorist attacks in New York City.”

Philip M. Jones

North Carolina Highway Patrol
Police Training Academy

“Ms. Goss has provided assistance to my department for over five years now in the areas of employee assistance program development, suicide prevention, grief and loss issues and substance abuse to name a few. Her advice and guidance comes from years of experience in this field and has always been on the mark. To say that Cindy is an asset to our program and its development is an understatement.”

Gil Kerlikowske

Chief of Police
Seattle Washington

“I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Goss while serving as Police Commissioner in Buffalo, New York. (1994-1998) her services to the members of the BPD were invaluable and she provided important advice on how our organization could reduce stress and improve working conditions. Ms Goss was highly regarded by many officers throughout the region.”


Abe Doney

Employee Assistance Program Director
New York State Police

“Cindy Goss was very helpful to me when I was first assigned to our Employee Assistance Program unit and included me in all her training’s in the Buffalo region. Cindy has not only been a peer, teacher, and guidance counselor; she has also been a dear friend.”

Sheriff Thomas F. Higgins (retired)

Erie County, New York 1986-1997

“I have known Cindy Goss for over fifteen years and feel she is the real pioneer in establishing specialized employee assistance programs for law enforcement personnel. While serving as Sheriff of Erie County, we relied heavily upon her compassion and professionalism in our times of need.”

Allen R. Kates

Author, CopShock
Surviving Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

“Cindy Goss has proven herself in the stress management and intervention field over and over again. For years, I have heard reports from police officers and their family members about how dedicated, skilled, knowledgeable and caring she is. That’s why I feature her in my book, CopShock, and continue to praise her program and activities. She gets my 5-Star rating.”