Dr. Roger Solomon

Police Psychologist

Dr. Roger Solomon, formerly police psychologist with the Colorado Springs Police Department and Washington State Patrol, currently is Clinical Director of the South Carolina PCIS and Police Psychologist with South Carolina Department of Public Safety.

He is also consultant with the trauma programs of the US Senate and NASA. Post Critical Incident Stress Seminar – PCIS PCIS is a three day program which originated with the FBI in 1985. This multiday program is for officers who have been involved in critical incidents. Quite often an officer is provided support in the initial days or weeks following a critical incident. However, in the weeks and months following the critical incident, an officer may still be experiencing the emotional impact of the incident.

The street, the gun, and indeed one’s life may feel different. There has been a lack of follow-up programs for officers involved in critical incidents. This program meets that need, and provides a safe, confidential atmosphere where officers can talk with fellow officers who have “been there.”

The first day, the program is introduced and an agreement is made that what is said in the seminar stays in the seminar. Most of the day is spent with participants explaining the incident(s) they were involved in. However, it is certainly okay if someone prefers to just listen and not talk. The second day education on critical incident trauma is presented and participants break into smaller groups for further discussion. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a therapeutic method for resolving traumatic memories and reducing distressing images, is offered on a voluntary basis. The third day, education on coping is presented as well as further group discussions.

A Family oriented Program is also incorporated in this 3-day training to assist officer family members with education and coping strategies as well. Follow-up studies on this seminar have shown that it is very helpful in reducing traumatic reactions, and appreciated by officers.

It is important to note that any officer who still has an active case regarding their incident, will be instructed not to disclose details regarding their case but can participate in the educational component of the program. Solomon is now providing PCIS for Military Personnel returning from deployment for both officer and civilians alike.

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